Alexander Taylor


London-based artist & creative technologist.

Personal projects collated here - for a portfolio of professional work please get in touch.

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Most Likely to Succeed

AI/ML Installations Physical Computing Games 2021

Collaboration with Risa Puno 
for the BIAS exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin, made with the support of Accenture Labs and Science Gallery Dublin. Most Likely to Succeed is an interactive installation exploring bias, fairness and AI, in which your performance in a series of on-screen assessment challenges is used to determine the amount of time you are given to play a physical game. On show until Q1 2022.

(extract from video recording by Risa Puno)

2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter

2019 AI/ML Installations Physical Computing Games

'2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter' uses machine learning to classify a scene in real-time as visitors modify the layout of the space. Using MIT's Places database of 10 million images, a live feed is taken from the camera, ran through a neural network trained on the dataset, then filed into one of 365 spacial categories, ranging from amusement parks to operating theatres


2019 Installations Visual Communication


I helped design and build a pop-up boutique modelled on the tourist souvenir shop for Célia Fröhlich's ABBILD project, designed in collaboration with Célia Fröhlich and Lucy Anderson. Exhibited at All At Once, Royal College of Art's 2019 fashion show, as covered in Dazed & Confused.

TDT System

2018 Installations Visual Communication Speculation Products

A research-led speculative design project that critiques methods of 'soft control' used by sharing-economy business's that rely on maintaining consistent pools of contractors, day and night.

Two Heartbeats

2018 Physical Computing Experimental Design

'Two Heartbeats' uses readings from two heartbeat monitors -- placed on the index finger of two individuals -- to control the rhythm of a ferrofluid heartbeat. Collaboration with Jaz Affleck.

Antidetox Kit

2018 Experimental Design Research Speculation Products

The Antidetox Kit (and accompanying recipe book) provides an easy means for expelling essential vitamins and minerals from the body. 

Two Offices

2018 Visual Communication Experimental Design Research

A one-off photo book exploring two distinct London office spaces, designed to be read on an office ceiling panel light that has been modified for home use.

Outsourced Essays

2014 Research

A collection of eleven hypothetical concepts for essays outsourced to content mills; bulk producers of textual content specifically written to satisfy search engine ranking algorithms, often mass-generated via semi-automated content spinning software. Each essay is printed as it was originally received by the content producer.

Pages: 36
Format: Self-published hardback
Published: 2014

Pigeon: A Love Story

Games 2021

An antigame for iOS & Android in which you play as a pigeon searching for your soulmate amongst 1,000,000 pigeon NPCs scattered across a life-size 3D map of London. View on the App Store, Play Store, or see the official site.

[data, set]

2019 AI/ML Installations Experimental Design Research Speculation

‘[data, set]’ is an installation in which the smells, lighting conditions, audio and visuals within the environment monitor and respond to the moods of visitors to the space in real time, in order to gradually evolve into the most captivating exhibit possible.

Two Short Films About Scanners

2018 Visual Communication

Note: Contains intense flashing imagery


2016 Visual Communication Experimental Design Websites

A web-based TV channel dedicated to the one million or so .3gp* files that have found their way onto Youtube, with the option to narrow video selections down to specific regions and categories. With thanks to Rhizome, who commissioned it as part of their microgrants program (see blog post here). Designed to be viewed with Google Chrome.

 *A largely extinct file container that was most popular during the first wave of video-playing mobile phones.

2015 AI/ML Websites

Contentbot is a virtual AI participant in the online attention economy, relentlessly seeking out new content to engage with & share on a 24/7 basis. Tweets are occasionally constructed via rudimentary sentiment analysis. Watch it work in real time. Press: Gawker, Prosthetic Knowledge, Motherboard [Vice]

Tree HD

2016 Visual Communication Experimental Design

Created for the EO1 display as part of a commission for Electric Objects, Tree HD is a quantified digital tree that you can watch grow in real time, taking 10 years from activation to reach maturation. 

An Audio Dictionary of EDM Vocal Hook Phrases (2015 wordlist, Abridged, Distorted for License Agreement Compliance)

2017 Experimental Design Sound


2015 Experimental Design Sound Websites Updated 2019

Collaboration with Jason Friedman (of The Hundred In The Hands) for New Ancestors. Embedded YouTube and Soundcloud content piles in a 3D space to form a 'modular composition with no beginning or end'. Click here to view (built for Google Chrome).


2015 Products Applications

Column based portfolio with tags, embedding, wysiwyg editing, rss, pdf conversion, and more. Requires server with Ruby/Rails installed, basic installation instructions provided. Demo here, source code here.


2015 Experimental Design Websites

An online memoriam for for the dying cellphone, with Tweets about dead phones being read out loud in real-time. 


2014 Visual Communication Websites

A series of abstracted videos and still images created by crossing Youtube's automated facial blocking technology with stock footage of faces.


2015 AI/ML Websites

'insecure_composition' (2015-2018) was an inefficient online artwork that automatically adjusted itself to become more alluring by evolving based on the duration of viewer visits.

Gestures Brush Pack

2014 Experimental Design Products

Set of 20+ Photoshop brushes (.abr format) made from the remnants of taps/drags/swipes scanned from the screen of a mobile phone touchscreen.

Feeling Lucky

2015 Experimental Design Websites

Three modified Google search bars offering remedies for digital claustrophobia, overstimulation and nostalgia.

Garbage Collection: Some Visuals & Sketches from 2013-2015

2016 Visual Communication Experimental Design Research

Size: A4
Pages: 94
Format: PDF

Little Fluffy Clouds: Examples of Representations of 'The Cloud' in Marketing Material, Circa 2014

2016 Visual Communication Experimental Design Research

Size: A4
Pages: 28
Format: PDF

Early research that went on to inform my MA thesis (
Castles in the Sky: Charting the evolution of the digital cloud through evolutions in its representation).


2015 Visual Communication

Image series exploring a slip in the timelines of cultural and consumer electronics production.

GIF Thing

2014 Experimental Design Applications Websites

A VJing tool that creates an endless full-screen montage sequence out of submitted GIFs.


Image Series 2014

Small image series created by iterating Photoshop CS5 filters upon themselves until they reveal surprising elements of their own logic.


Installations Physical Computing Visual Communication 2020

Photo credit: Nicolee Tsin. 

I worked as the core developer/technologist for the 'AirWeShare' interactive installation as part of the Climate and Cities collective. Commissioned by Hubbub, the piece was on public display for 2 weeks in Covent Garden, London. The piece used a system of balloons and spotlights to enable people to compare air quality in different parts of the city. More info. Press: BBC Radio LondonThe Evening Standard.

Websites 2020

Web development for, a mini project by the Climate And Cities collective in response to UN Open Brief to creatives in response to Covid-19. Collaboration with Barney Kass (concept/sound design), Léa Silvestrucci (designer), and Rebecca Lardeur (producer).

2016 AI/ML Physical Computing Visual Communication Experimental Design Speculation Applications

A satirical startup-style product exploring the idea of 'filter bubbles': Blissify is a functional browser extension for Google Chrome that uses emotion detection technology to automatically block the pages that are making the user unhappy. Featured on Fast Co. Design.