Alexander Taylor


London-based artist & creative technologist.

Personal projects collated here - for a portfolio of professional work please get in touch.

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TDT System

2018 ()

A research-led speculative design project that critiques methods of 'soft control' used by sharing-economy business's that rely on maintaining consistent pools of contractors, day and night.

Two Heartbeats

2018 ()

'Two Heartbeats' uses readings from two heartbeat monitors -- placed on the index finger of two individuals -- to control the rhythm of a ferrofluid heartbeat. Collaboration with Jaz Affleck.

Antidetox Kit

2018 ()

The Antidetox Kit (and accompanying recipe book) provides an easy means for expelling essential vitamins and minerals from the body. 

Two Offices

2018 ()

A one-off photo book exploring two distinct London office spaces, designed to be read on an office ceiling panel light that has been modified for home use.

Two Short Films About Scanners

2018 ()

Note: Contains intense flashing imagery