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London-based artist & creative technologist.

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Antidetox Kit

2018 Experimental Design Research Speculation Products

The Antidetox Kit (and accompanying recipe book) provides an easy means for expelling essential vitamins and minerals from the body. 

Containing a course of 3-in-1 Antivitamin pills, magnesium sulphate pills, magnesium sulphate solution, as well as a recipe book, the kit contains everything you need to personally fight forced nutrition. Drawing from research into state-enforced food fortification, this project is a functional exploration of health and agency.

Photo credit for the two previous images: John Fass

Each Antivitamin pill contains approximately 1.8mg of tannin (via ground black tea), 3mg of caffeine powder, and 0.5mg of phytic acid (via ground unhulled seseme seeds).

Ground black tea, ground unhulled sesame seeds, caffeine

Capping the pills

Absorption guide in recipe book, for making your own home remedies to target specific vitamins/minerals.

Recipe for Iron targeting Oat Cookies

Photo credit: John Fass