Alexander Taylor


London-based creative technologist and web developer.

This is a collection of projects I have completed in a personal/non-professional capacity. 

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Pigeon: A Love Story

2020 ()

WIP. A game in which you play as a pigeon searching for your soulmate amongst 1,000,000 NPCs scattered across a life-size 3D map of London. Coming soon to iOS and Android.

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2020 ()

Photo credit: Nicolee Tsin. 

I worked as the core developer/technologist for the 'AirWeShare' interactive installation as part of the Climate and Cities collective. Commission by Hubbub, the piece was on public display for 2 weeks in Covent Garden, London. The piece used a system of balloons and spotlights to enable people to compare air quality in different parts of the city. More info. Press: BBC Radio LondonThe Evening Standard.

2020 ()

Web development for, a mini project by the Climate And Cities collective in response to UN Open Brief to creatives in response to Covid-19. Collaboration with Barney Kass (concept/sound design), Léa Silvestrucci (designer), and Rebecca Lardeur (producer).