Alexander Taylor


London-based 'creative technologist'

This is a collection of projects I have mostly completed in a personal/non-professional capacity. 

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2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter

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'2% Of Spaces You Could Possibly Encounter' uses machine learning to classify a scene in real-time as visitors modify the layout of the space. Using MIT's Places database of 10 million images, a live feed is taken from the camera, ran through a neural network trained on the dataset, then filed into one of 365 spacial categories, ranging from amusement parks to operating theatres


Pigeon: A Love Story

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An antigame for iOS & Android in which you play as a pigeon searching for your soulmate amongst 1,000,000 pigeon NPCs scattered across a life-size 3D map of London. View on the App Store, Play Store, or see the official site.

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