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London-based artist & creative technologist.

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2015 AI/ML Websites

'insecure_composition' (2015-2018) was an inefficient online artwork that automatically adjusted itself to become more alluring by evolving based on the duration of viewer visits.

The pixels on the page mutated at random by a factor 10% at the end of each viewing: if a visit caused the average time spent looking at the page to increase, the composition saved its current state before making further experimentations. If a visit caused the average time spent looking to decrease, the most recent change was overwritten.

Images were stored as base64 dataURLs in two .txt files (painting/altered_painting). Both were generated + created when the app was ran for the first time. 

Though the original work is dead, 'insecure_composition' can be redeployed at any time. You can view source code required to run your own version here.

Selected images from its run: