Alexander Taylor


London-based artist & creative technologist.

Personal projects collated here - for a portfolio of professional work please get in touch.

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A web-based TV channel dedicated to the one million or so .3gp* files that have found their way onto Youtube, with the option to narrow video selections down to specific regions and categories. With thanks to Rhizome, who commissioned it as part of their microgrants program (see blog post here). Designed to be viewed with Google Chrome.

 *A largely extinct file container that was most popular during the first wave of video-playing mobile phones.

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Contentbot is a virtual AI participant in the online attention economy, relentlessly seeking out new content to engage with & share on a 24/7 basis. Tweets are occasionally constructed via rudimentary sentiment analysis. Watch it work in real time. Press: Gawker, Prosthetic Knowledge, Motherboard [Vice]


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Collaboration with Jason Friedman (of The Hundred In The Hands) for New Ancestors. Embedded YouTube and Soundcloud content piles in a 3D space to form a 'modular composition with no beginning or end'. Click here to view (built for Google Chrome).


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An online memoriam for for the dying cellphone, with Tweets about dead phones being read out loud in real-time. 


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A series of abstracted videos and still images created by crossing Youtube's automated facial blocking technology with stock footage of faces.


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'insecure_composition' (2015-2018) was an inefficient online artwork that automatically adjusted itself to become more alluring by evolving based on the duration of viewer visits.

Feeling Lucky

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Three modified Google search bars offering remedies for digital claustrophobia, overstimulation and nostalgia.

GIF Thing

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A VJing tool that creates an endless full-screen montage sequence out of submitted GIFs.

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Web development for, a mini project by the Climate And Cities collective in response to UN Open Brief to creatives in response to Covid-19. Collaboration with Barney Kass (concept/sound design), Léa Silvestrucci (designer), and Rebecca Lardeur (producer).